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> 《6,000》觀念藝術計劃書展覽, 藝術展覽, art exhibit, contemporary art, conceptual art
張貼文章 Jun 4 2011, 06:07 PM
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註冊日期: 28-Jul 07
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我最有興趣的藝術文化項目: 西方繪畫

《6,000》觀念藝術計劃書展覽 (pls go down for Eng version)

主辦及策劃: C & G藝術單位 (www.CandG-Artpartment.com)
邀請藝術家: 唐訥天、海潮、李天倫、白雙全、唐偉傑、謝柏齊、袁堅樑(丸仔)、張嘉莉、鄭怡敏(阿金)

開幕時間: 2011年6月25日(星期六),晚上6:30

討論會: 2011年6月25日(星期六),晚上7:00 - 8:00

展覽日期: 2011年6月26日(星期日) 至 8月29日(星期一)
展覽時間: 下午2:00-7:30,逢星期四、五、六、日、一,(星期二、三及公眾假期休息)
展覽地點: 香港 九龍 太子 西洋菜南街222號 三字樓

立法會於2011年4月通過本年度政府財政預算案,高調表示向每位十八歲或以上香港永久性居民派發港幣$6,000元。這六千元,令市民又愛又恨。數百億 港元一炮過射出,大多數市民歡喜、讚好,政府自然沾沾自喜,可謂『雙喜臨門』。但最悲哀是:政府誤解以為市民很「等錢駛」,於是以為「有錢使得鬼推磨」; 而市民誤解以為政府很「體貼」,還期待下一次「掩口費」,官民互相在計算眼前利益,最終造成官民『雙輸局面』。

政府向來對視覺藝術界別都缺乏合理資助,對推動本地藝術發展只是講多過做,而且負責文化藝術發展及撥款的官又不懂當代藝術,政府的水總是流不到藝術家手 上。是次$6,000元算是政府向市民噴的口水花,每人濕少少。$6,000元之數額,雖不足以策劃什麼大型展覽活動,但也可用作為能屈能伸的香港藝術家 的自我宣傳經費。在沒怎樣眷顧藝術家的一個財政年度裡,我們不靠自己靠誰?

政府推銷財政預算案失敗,相信除推銷技倆欠佳之外,預算案內容本身差勁同是失敗關鍵,這個反面教材告訴我們,要成事需要周詳計劃,即良好的「計劃書」。 「計劃書」是當代藝術學術化的產物,即藝術品本身只是整個藝術創作其中一部分,計劃過程及概念本身同是藝術創作之重要構成體。而「計劃書」就是本展覽的主 要展示媒介。

本展覽邀請藝術家,以政府提供的港幣$6,000元作為創作經費上限,嘗試各自創作一個花盡這筆港幣$6,000元的藝術作品創作計劃書,以自己的方法去 宣傳自己、集體宣傳、宣傳香港藝術,嘗試以藝術方式直接把本地藝術家的形象及創作向外展示。展覽將會展出參展藝術家們的構思計劃手稿,圖文並茂。預計 2011年10月以後,待藝術家正式收到港幣$6,000元後,C & G藝術單位將再次邀請是次參展藝術家以該$6,000元去落實有關藝術計劃,然後再擇日、選址正式展出該批藝術作品。


“6,000” Conceptual Art Proposal Exhibition

Presented by: C & G Artpartment (http://www.CandG-Artpartment.com)
Artists: Nadim ABBAS、Hoi Chiu、LI Tin Lun(Otto)、PAK Sheung Chuen(Tozer)、TONG Wai Kit(Damon)、TSE Pak Tsai、YUEN Kin Leung(Yuenjie)、CHEUNG Clara、CHENG Yee Man(GUM)

Opening: 6:30pm, (Sat) 25 June, 2011

Seminar: 7:00pm - 8:00pm, (Sat) 25 June, 2011

Exhibition Period: (Sun) 26 June to 29 August, 2011
Exhibition Time: 2:00 - 7:30pm, Thursday to Monday, (Closed on Tue, Wed and Public Holiday)
Address: 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR Station, Behind Pioneer Centre)

The government’s budget, including giving a HK$6,000 cash handout to all adult residents, was passed by the Legco in April, 2011. This “6000” is being loved and hated at the same time. Both the government and the Hongkongers are merely seeking instant benefits from each other. After all, it turns out to be a lose-lose situation, in which the government cannot earn its popularity, while the Hongkongers cannot be benefited from any long term planning in society.

The visual arts sector has always been lack of support. Arts development is a topic being discussed a lot, but not a policy being carried out much. The cash from the government arts just cannot quite reach the hands of the artists. $6000 is not a big budget, definitely not for organizing any big exhibitions. However, for our Hong Kong artists who have great flexibilities, $6000 perhaps can help for self-promotion. When the financial budget does not look after us, the only one we can rely onto would only be ourselves.

Planning in advance is always a must for anyone to succeed. A good “proposal” must be the first step. As a product of the “professionalisation” and “academication” of contemporary art, “proposal” has become the essential part of art-making. The current exhibition is going to showcase “proposal” as the major art medium.

The exhibition invites artists to create a proposal for an art project with the $6,000 cash handout from Hong Kong government as their production fee. The intention of the art project is to use art to directly promote local artists. The participating artists will write a proposal to promote the artist himself individually or a group of artists collectively or to promote Hong Kong art in general. The hand-drafts and sketches of the proposals by artists will be exhibited in the show. The actual art action will take place after the artists receive the $6000 in October, 2011. C&G Artpartment will then invite the artists again to showcase their realized projects afterward.

It is free of charge. The public is welcome to visit. For enquiry, please call 23909332..

查詢Enquiry: M: 23909332 E: info@CandG-Artpartment.com www.CandG-Artpartment.com
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張貼文章 Jun 4 2011, 06:07 PM
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Thanks for your support!

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