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二零一三年 九月七日(星期六)下午四時
7 September 2013 (Saturday), 4 p.m.

99, Caine Road, Shop J, Hong Kong 堅道 99號 J舖

主持: Cee Cee Biddlecombe
talk by Cee Cee Biddlecombe

Conducted in English


Poetry is a world of beauty as words are transformed into lines that dance and inspire. This session aims to introduce people to the world of poetry and share some insights in poetic form, techniques, and the way they merge into stanzas that move its readers.

This is an introductory session, and we shall assume that you know little about English poetry, but that you have always wanted to find out more about it. What do the English poets write on? Love? Nature? Religion? Meaning of life?

Most of us have come across the Chinese translation of

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower;"
Do you know what are the next two lines: what are the two pairs of words following world / sand, heaven / flower?
We shall propose reading some simple and interesting English poems to introduce you to the fascinating world of English poetry.

e-mail: info@galerieklee.org

website: http://www.galerieklee.org/index.html

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張貼文章 Aug 24 2013, 02:19 PM
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