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> 國際綜藝合家歡2014:黑目鳥劇團《愛面書網遊仙境》, 闖進網界熱點,陪你極速遊歷,一個先讚好後分享的無網之旅
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闖進網界熱點 陪你極速遊歷
Surfing at breakneck speed through the world of family ties
On an internet adventure - we “like”, we share


Separated from her mother since childhood, a teenage girl shares her daily life via social media, hoping her mother will get in touch someday. After conversing with a mysterious man on Facebook, she decides he might know where her mother is and arranges to meet him in person. In fact, the mother is following her daughter under a different identity, and often imagines their life together.
While online, the mother also encounters many others with “identity issues”: a man who disguises himself as a woman and collects “likes”; a lonely guy who creates a more exciting existence for himself online and makes over 5,000 “friends”; and a turgid youngster with more than 10 Facebook accounts. An intriguing journey through the virtual world then ensues.
Two fantastical adventures on the social network begin. Will the daughter track down her long-lost mother in the end? And why should a mother want to hide from her child?

導演 Director 郭翠怡 Kwok Chui-yi
編劇 Playwright 鄧世昌 Tang Sai-cheong
監製 Producer 鄧耀銘 Tang Yiu-ming
現場音樂 Live Music 陳沛熙 Chan Pui-hei
主要演員 Main Cast 柯嘉琪、邱頌偉、葉嘉茵
Or Ka-kee, Yau Chung-wai, Ip Ka-yan


戲劇 Theatre

Hong Kong Cultural Centre StudioTheatre
18-19.7(五Fri – 六Sat)7:30pm
19-20.7(六Sat – 日Sun)3pm
$180, $120*
*部分座位視線受阻 Some seats may have restricted view

Best for ages 12 and above

90分鐘 minutes

粵語演出 In Cantonese

Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted


網上購票Internet Booking:www.urbtix.hk

Tickets available at URBTIX now
Please refer to the website and programme brochure of “IAC 2014” for details of ticket discounts

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