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> liubaojie of art
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liu Bao jie
1979 - learning sculpture art for three years.
1980 - worship the central academy of ZhangLiChen professor Sir For the teacher.
1983 - in Beijing hosted the "if gallery".
1986 - start for the first held a exhibition, a total of more than 100 works on display picture, starting by the press attention, Beijing peoples broadcasting station has carried on the report.
1987 - in Beijing held artists gallery [BaiQiGang, WangNong, LiuBaoJie joint exhibition], there have been more than twenty home news reports units.
1988 - Sweden ABF exhibition held a personal exhibition.
In 1989, as the only Chinese painters were invited to attend in Sweden Liljvalchs exhibition center for [from China masters] China exhibition. Accept the Swedish DAGENS NYHETER and EXPRESSEN FREDAG two big newspaper the whole interview.
In 1990 in Stockholm - eleven gallery held [ZhangLiChen, wang ming-ming, NieOu, corning, LiuBao JieWuRen exhibition], and was invited to Sweden, grant art school teach traditional Chinese painting and seal. To participate in the performance of the company from Finland [Asian art festival].
1992 - [shutter device] won the national patent.
1993 - to the jingdezhen ceramic production more than 300 pieces
1994 - seals button more than sixty party
In 1995, Beijing TV project [treasure jie painting pig].
1996 - visit Sweden and was invited to participate in the "the husbands residence at the" China night "in red artist communication activities.
1997 - Sweden ALEX WIBERG gallery held [treasure jie image exhibition].
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